Quiet Cork 2mm


Quiet Cork is a Recycled Cork & EVA Resilient layer that has been developed to reduce impact noise on both timber and concrete floors and can also be used with carpet and laminate flooring

Lightweight performance

Cork cells are mixed with a mixture of gasses which reduce weight, the composite of cork is approximately 40% bark and 60% gas which helps keep the weight low

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Cork is also a product that can be fully recycled once the product is at the end of its life, all of the cork used in our Quiet Cork acoustic underlays is from recycled cork

Benefits of cork

  • Anti-static
  • Anti-allergic
  • Bug resistant - cork contains suberin which is a natural insect repellent
  • Air quality - naturally antimicrobial and water resistant
  • Fire - if cork is burnt, no toxic fumes are emitted
  • Thermal insulator - thin underlays are suitable for underfloor heating
  • Carbon negative - any waste is recycled back into the production line
  • Sustainability - Portuguese cork oak trees retain approximately 14 million tonnes of CO2 yearly, no trees are cut or damaged when harvesting